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Maria Sharapova shows her new hairstyle World-famous Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova, who is going to turn 25 on April 19, has cut her long blonde hair
Russian mother allowed to see her son in Norway for $10,000 A court in Norway, which deprived Irina Bergseth of her five-year-old son, has allowed the Russian woman to see her child once a year
Syrian forces threaten ceasefire Syrian forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad fought rebels near the border with Turkey on Friday, threatening a ceasefire brokered by United Nations peace envoy Kofi Annan.
George Zimmerman to apologize to Trayvon Martin's family The lawyer for George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch captain who was charged with second degree murder in the death of unarmed black teen Trayvon Martin, said that the 17-year-old's death "weighs on" Zimmerman and suggested his client might apologize to Martin's family.
North Korean rocket crashes into Yellow Sea soon after launch South Korea's navy has launched a salvage operation to retrieve the debris from North Korea's failed rocket launch, a military spokesman said.
Mad gynecologist rams his vehicle into car showroom The man, who arranged a pogrom of the car showroom in Moscow, can be sentenced up to five years in jail
New information on Trayvon Martin case to be released The special prosecutor in the Trayvon Martin case says she will release new information soon, an announcement that came the same day George Zimmerman's attorneys made the bombshell statement that they were resigning.
Spain causes biggest losses of the year to stock market The stock market suffered its worst loss of the year Tuesday because of uncertainty about coming corporate earnings reports and concerns that Spain's borrowing costs are creeping close to a crisis level.
North Korea's Unha-3 rocket ready to blast off Engineers are pumping fuel into a rocket that is set to carry a satellite into space, according to officials at the North Korean space agency's central command centre. Live images of the Sohae site showed most of the Unha-3 rocket covered with a green tarpaulin.
Republicans unite fractured party behind Romney after Santorum's withdrawal Within hours of Rick Santorum's withdrawal from the presidential race Tuesday, leading Republicans were focused on the difficult task ahead: uniting a fractured party behind Mitt Romney.
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U.S. Politicians Are Asked About Saudi Atrocities... Here s What Happened Next U.S. Politicians Are Asked About Saudi Atrocities... Here's What Happened Next
Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney smiled and repeatedly said, “Nice to see you,” when I asked if he had any concerns about the Saudi Arabian-led bombing campaign in Yemen.
New Mothers Tested for Drugs without their Consent by Some Alabama Hospitals STASI-veteran will assist German government in Facebook censorship
The IMF Just Entered The Cold War – Forgives Ukraine’s Debt To Russia The IMF Just Entered The Cold War – Forgives Ukraine’s Debt To Russia
Since 1947 when it really started operations, the World Bank has acted as a branch of the U.S. Defense Department, from its first major chairman John J. McCloy through Robert McNamara to Robert Zoellick...
Signs Of Financial Turmoil In Europe, China And The United States 'It's time to hold physical cash,' says one of Britain's most senior fund managers
Depopulation: Plastics chemicals are reducing women s sex drives and men s sperm counts Depopulation: Plastics chemicals are reducing women's sex drives and men's sperm counts
New research out of the University of Rochester in New York has found that the plastics chemicals lurking in furniture, food packaging and many other consumer products are directly linked to decreased...
Ginger tea shown to naturally kill cancer, dissolve kidney stones, improve liver health and more Over Half of E.U. Countries Are Opting Out of GMOs
NATO Prepares to Send Troops to Protect Turkey from Russian “Threats” NATO Prepares to Send Troops to Protect Turkey from Russian “Threats”
NATO boss Jens Stoltenberg said during a meeting of defense ministers in Brussels on Thursday the alliance is prepared to send ground troops to protect Turkey’s border with Syria.
The Real Reasons Saudi Arabia Hates Iran McCain wants to shoot down Russian planes attacking Islamists