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Prevention of cerebral palsy Prevention of cerebral palsy A new treatment helped rabbits born with cerebral palsy to recover to an almost normal mobility, giving rise to hopes of a potential breakthrough in treating people with this currently incurable disorder, scientists said on Wednesday.
Europa League: Lion roars in Lisbon, Atlético strong Europa League: Lion roars in Lisbon, Atlético strong Sporting CP turned the game around and take a 2-1 lead to Bilbao - the best of a number of bad options. Atlético take a two-goal lead to Valencia, having won 4-2 with two goals from Falcao. Next week the Champions and Europa Leagues semi-finals have their second legs.
President Chávez promotes indigenous policies President Chávez promotes indigenous policies Hugo Chávez, of indigenous origin himself, has a big heart for Venezuela’s indigenous population. As soon as he became president in 1999, the national constitution was changed and the Organic Law on Indigenous Peoples and Communities (LOPCI) was introduced, giving indigenous citizens special rights.
Modern law of extreme situations: Every callous man for himself Modern law of extreme situations: Every callous man for himself The generation which is growing up in an era of chaos, has become extremely callous towards events which take place. An incident on the Moscow Metro, when an escalator sharply stopped, but the hand-rail continued to move, once again forced people to think about the kind of society we are living in, what kind of role we play in it
Rio+20: Is the approach right? Rio+20: Is the approach right? For those who read the communications and papers coming out of the UNO and the organisms gearing up for what should be the most important meeting the Planet has experienced in its history - the meeting which will determine, ultimately, the very survival of Humankind on Earth, it becomes increasingly clear that yet again, we are barking up the wrong tree.
Russian tourists do not cry abroad Russian tourists do not cry abroad Russian MPs are trying to protect tourists from the possibility of becoming hostages at hotels abroad. There were two incidents during the recent years, when thousands of Russian tourists found themselves left to the mercy of fate because of the bankruptcy of travel operators. At first, there was a story with the clients of Capital Tour in 2010
Forbes names Russia's new wealthiest man Forbes Russia has published the annual list of 200 wealthiest people in Russia. The list is topped by the owner of Metallinvest holding, Alisher Usmanov
Large batch of heroine guised as carrots arrested in Moscow A major channel of drug trafficking has been blocked in the Moscow region. The organizer of wholesale shipments of heroine has been arrested
Europe suffocates in unemployment Europe suffocates in unemployment In early 2012, many analysts were predicting the imminent resumption of the recession in Europe. Against the backdrop of the worsening debt problems of Greece and Spain, the economic performance indicators in the EU for the first quarter were not the best. Now, the united Europe is threatened by a new attack: unemployment growth does not stop
Europe s decision on Katyn raises unsolved issues Europe's decision on Katyn raises unsolved issues The decision of the European Court of Human Rights on the Katyn issue evokes the most contradictory emotions, and once again raises questions that probably will remain unresolved for decades. Suffice it to say the both parties are both happy and unhappy with the verdict. As for the questions, they were classified as "secret"
Russian mothers more dangerous than pedophilic fathers? Russian mothers more dangerous than pedophilic fathers? A Norwegian court has decided to hand custody of the 5 year-old son of Irina Bergseth over to his father, a pedophile. The mother was permitted only a single meeting with her son each year, under the supervision of custodial guardians. However, a second court in Norway permitted a paedophile father to meet with his daughter alone without supervision
Ann Romney: Effective political weapon She is a 63-year-old grandmother known as "Mamie," a former stay-at-home mother of five boys, and the cookie-baking wife of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.
India capable of striking China's Beijing and Shanghai India announced the successful test launch Thursday of a new nuclear-capable missile that would give it the capability of striking the major Chinese cities of Beijing and Shanghai for the first time.
Tribute to remarkable People of science Tribute to remarkable People of science The second half of the nineteenth century was particularly fruitful for the development of Physical Science, which began to shed light on the intimate constitution of matter with constant and meticulous efforts of a large group of scientists from various European nations.
Champions League: Chelsea and Bayern the winners of round one Champions League: Chelsea and Bayern the winners of round one The second semi-final of the Champions League 2012 produced a win for Chelsea FC, which provided team manager Di Matteo with the perfect match he had asked for. Didier Drogba got the only goal of the game in the dying seconds of the first half. Barcelona, for once, failed to score.
An Open Letter to Lufthansa An Open Letter to Lufthansa What makes Lufthansa’s stance so ironic is that as an airline it was, for forty five years, isolated and unable to fly in to Germany, its home country, as you will know, thus is uniquely placed to understand Palestine’s isolation...
The (disgusting) world we live in The (disgusting) world we live in As billions are spent on weapons systems, on overthrowing governments, on arming terrorists perpetrating the most shocking crimes Humankind has seen in decades, a humanitarian catastrophe is looming right under the noses of the FUKUS-Axis in the Sahel region. There was money to arm the Libyan terrorists but not to save 15 million starving people.
The long aftermath of the Breivik case The long aftermath of the Breivik case Muslims ought to know that they cannot fully live by the customs of their ancestors: Norway is a different country. Right-wing radicals have to understand that a person with a different skin colour and different traditions is not necessarily an enemy. And those who have come to Norway from a different country are not necessarily occupiers
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