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First-ever nuclear submarine disaster took place 49 years ago First-ever nuclear submarine disaster took place 49 years ago This disaster was the first one that occurred to a nuclear submarine. Forty-nine years ago during a test dive to 220 kilometers off the northeastern coast of the United States the American submarine "Thresher" has sunk without trace into the abyss. The remnants of the submarine still rest at a depth of nearly two and a half miles
Spain causes biggest losses of the year to stock market The stock market suffered its worst loss of the year Tuesday because of uncertainty about coming corporate earnings reports and concerns that Spain's borrowing costs are creeping close to a crisis level.
North Korea's Unha-3 rocket ready to blast off Engineers are pumping fuel into a rocket that is set to carry a satellite into space, according to officials at the North Korean space agency's central command centre. Live images of the Sohae site showed most of the Unha-3 rocket covered with a green tarpaulin.
Is America Really Free? Is America Really Free? The recent outcry by the American Media complaining of mass riots over the Russian election has gotten me thinking. Do the youth in Russia protesting understand exactly how free they are compared with the American's slandering them? Consider the facts
Wearable computers to replace all smartphones Wearable computers to replace all smartphones People will wear them like glasses. It is assumed that the device will have all the functionality of a smartphone - that is, it can be used to make conventional and video calls, send messages, leave geo-location check-ins and publications in social networks, take notes, take pictures and videos, use map services, listen to music and so on.
Republicans unite fractured party behind Romney after Santorum's withdrawal Within hours of Rick Santorum's withdrawal from the presidential race Tuesday, leading Republicans were focused on the difficult task ahead: uniting a fractured party behind Mitt Romney.
Shock and Awe: See what the Syrian terrorists are doing Shock and Awe: See what the Syrian terrorists are doing Below are graphic images, in the form of films, of atrocities carried out by the western-backed Syrian terrorists. For all those who have aided, financed or supported this filth against the Syrian government, I would urge you to watch these movies from beginning to end and then reconsider very carefully what you have started.
Man who killed 3 burglars to save his family faces Russian justice Man who killed 3 burglars to save his family faces Russian justice The police of Russia's Tula region continue to investigate the case about the attack on the house of Gegam Sarkisian. Sarkisian, aged 52, was defending his family, when he killed three burglars that had broken into his house and made the fourth one flee. Police officers say that the man may have exceeded the limits of admissible self-defense
NATO base in Russia is like Martians on Earth NATO base in Russia is like Martians on Earth A group of Russian communists from the city of Ulyanovsk went on a hunger strike three days ago protesting against the deployment of an army base for the international forces in Afghanistan. Officials with the Communist Party are certain that the authorities have betrayed their country. It was said that the base in Ulyanovsk would be a civil object
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Business The IMF Just Entered The Cold War – Forgives Ukraine’s Debt To Russia Signs Of Financial Turmoil In Europe, China And The United States 'It's time to hold physical cash,' says one of Britain's most senior fund managers Russia and China Just Put Another Nail in the Coffin of the Bretton Woods Petrodollar System Budget office: U.S. debt picture has 'worsened dramatically'